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9 in Supreme Mathematics

the completion of all in existence
Born is the completion of all in existence, which is to manifest from Knowledge to Born, the law of mathematics — to be complete in itself.

It takes nine months to make a baby. Nine is the only number multiplied that multiplied by itself still ends up with the same product. Nine times nine equals 81 (8+1=9). Why? Because nine is what brings it into existence.
by LiquidSwords October 12, 2005
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I was born today in a rocking boat in the middle of a small pond. I had a cut on back side of my hand in the shape of a star...
by Tha Helpdesk April 20, 2009
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To be sexually aroused. Horny shortens down to horn, then changes to born. Hence sexually aroused: born.
"I getting really born just thinking about tonight!"
by Alex Quantashassle April 21, 2005
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