adj. Unappealing. Undesireable. Disgusting. Repulsive.To act or display in a manner thats repulsive to others. To make ones self viewed as unappealing. Pathetic. Without interest or appeal.
Guy #1 " Remember, that girl I met 3 years ago in college we both liked? Well, I thought I couldn't see anything worse than the homeless people downtown, but that bitch looked so fuckin booey bro!"
Guy #2 " (laughing) How booey bro?!"
Guy #1 "Dude, she was so fuckin booey, she makes Whoopi Goldberg look super hot!"
by Eazyazamp January 20, 2012
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Booey is a fag. People will jokingly say “he’s the coolest kid ever” but it’s a joke because of how wrong it is. His diet consists nothing but purple Doritos and pizza with the beverage of choice being coke. To put in in short terms booey is a loser and a cunt bagger
“Look at that 16 year old kid with a beard crouching in his scooter as he goes down a hill”
“Ya kids Booey”
by Diffiner June 5, 2020
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The word booey is used in and around the Fenland area as something to add onto the the end of a answer. It derived from the word boy. The first ever use of the word came from a teacher caught hidden under a desk at a school, came out and exclaimed "Hello Boys!" It has since been used regularly in the circulation of the human race.
Kealan - How you doing?
Sam Mc - Im doing good BOOEY!


Sam Mc - What you been doing?
Kealan - Not much booey. you?
by sammymacbooey June 15, 2010
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a vagina, mainly used to refer to it in a innocent, childish way.
by millhousedawg June 1, 2011
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A stupid person and/or mentall ill person.
Telopea (suburb in Sydney Australia) is full of Booey's!
by nat January 24, 2004
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an extra large vagina hole which attracts large objects
vince likes to think he gets booey's but all he really gets is fucked up the ass with bill's penis
by sex maniac July 3, 2004
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Nickname for Howard Stern show producer Gary Dell'Abate. Bestowed on him when one day during a show Gary insisted that he had a animation cell of Quick Draw McGraw sidekick "Baba Booey" When Gary was proven wrong (actually "Baba Louie"), as punishment Howard called Gary Baba Booey for the rest of the broadcast. After the broadcast, Gary was heard to say "Well, I'm glad that joke's over." Little did he know.
Ridiculed for having big teeth, bad breath, looking like a monkey or a babboon, and being overly defensive when something he does is questioned.
"His teeth are green and skunky, and he looks just like a monkey, Baba Booey"
"What is it, Baba Booey?"
by Henry June 17, 2006
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