1. stupid girls wearing dresses
2. someone who needs some air in between their legs

-"That girl could use some serious circulation."

3. the act of freeing oneself wearing dresses during the summer
4. guys going commando
5. the act of making yourself more suitable for mr chubby fit in
2. Miley Cyrus (very prone to circulation)
by kinky ;D March 21, 2010
That one weeb song you here everywhere. The fourth opening for the Bakemonogatari series.
Weeb 1: Se no!
Demo sonnan ja dame
Mou sonnan ja hora
Kokoro wa shinka suru yo
Motto motto

by La Circulation du Renai July 20, 2020
the glorious weeb song me and the men listen to religiously.

it also cures depression.
girlfriend: i bet he's cheating on me!


me: ready?
the men: *nods*
me and the men: *blasts renai circulation*
by miyao November 15, 2020
(ECONOMICS) the capital that a business sells in order to make money. The obvious example is the inventory of a convenience store; in this case, the circulating capital is the merchandise, and the fixed capital includes the cash register, the display racks, and so on.

In other cases, the circulating capital consists of raw materials or supplies; for example, a mechanic has transmission fluid or air filters, while a dress maker has muslin and thread.
An entrepreneur makes money by hanging onto fixed capital as long as possible, and getting rid of circulating capital as fast as possible.
by Abu Yahya May 4, 2010
Another term for a bus circle. Like a regular bus circle but a more circular one.
"Excuse me, transportation is requesting whoever parked their Escalade in the bussing circulator that it be moved. Thank you."
by ledude9118 April 8, 2019
A beautiful English cover and a Japanese cover I do not understand. Best song ever! She’s taking a chance because she likes you a lot and will give it all that she’s got. Lizz Robinett sings the lovely English cover.
We love listening to Renai Circulation!
by FemboyHooters69 May 4, 2021
A sexual act in which the insertive partner stands and the receptive partner is strapped to a wheel of death. As the receptive partner spins around, his or her mouth comes in contact with the insertive partner's genitalia and oral sex is performed, albeit intermittently.
Didjya hear she gave Poe a Charm City Circulator last night? She was so dizzy from spinning she passed out!
by AddyDemTaps April 1, 2012