That is some very skunky weed.
by philip December 8, 2004
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a female with blonde hair and black roots whom dresses in a punk outfit but still manages a skank look. Ex. Avril Lavigne
Ugh look at that chick she looking kinda skunky!
by el alez May 7, 2010
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"I heard Skunky got a water bottle thrown at him at some concert!"
by yoomin January 3, 2008
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The coolest dude you will ever meet in your life.
Gavin the name by some jealous weak ass clowns.
Sensitive person at times and at other times this is the dude to be afraid of.
1st dude: Holy crud thats one fly dude right thurr!!
2nd dude: Yea that's Skunky!
by Skunky himself October 24, 2008
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As in when a woman emits and has a distinct odor, similar to that of a skunk. The odor smells like a "skunk far off in the forest, not so close that it hurts but you can still tell that it's there. Skunky."
"She pulled off her panties and Man! That was all skunky!"

"I was going to hook up with that chick last night but she smelled kind skunky."
by BobRoss May 15, 2014
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Cool down to earth nice strong real guy who can love you or hate you. A person you will never understand because he is one of a kind. Also the name of a person who will straight up end the life of a racist person!
Hey that dude just layed out that racist guy!

Yea thats Skunky
by Skunky himself October 24, 2008
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