see washed up.

She also has a striking resemblance to the members of Bad Brains.
Whoopi Goldberg used to have a career, but the public no longer cares.
by God December 12, 2004
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exclaiming the famous actresses name while jizzing after being jacked off with chocolate syrup, preferably nestle chocolate syrup hardening shell brand.
R: did you hear about Adam the other day?
J: what about Adam?
R: he whoopi goldberged Becca right in front of an audience.
J: Oh yeah i was there.

Timothy was about to whoopi goldberg Gertrude but he didnt make it in time and the chocolate shell hardened.
by whoopiiiiii12 May 15, 2009
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Eating/licking the dried faecal remains tangled in the hair around the asshole area.
Dad: 'Would you nail that girl?'

Keith:' Fuck yeah man, I would Whoopi Goldberg her!'
by OldYag October 07, 2009
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