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Used with a hand gesture, it is a way to address someone who just did something stupid.
*hand gesture* boi! that was the easiest shot and you missed it!
by Thinerax August 13, 2017
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A word used by many meme lords or people on crack.
Meme Lord1: Boi.
Meme lord2: boi.
by Nefelibata January 27, 2018
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An Spanish-English Way of Spelling Boy! (Nothing to do with being gay or lesbian, just a cool/differnet way of spelling the word) Can also be used for saying it if you live in the ghetto or If your Latin i.e. Italian & South American or Asian.
Well im happly married with 3 children and i still spell boy like boi...
Guarda Questa Boi! Look At This Boi! Hey Honey This Boi Is Different!
by Govanni March 17, 2006
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1)When a person has the Timbs shoes on, and poses in a weird way, the words boi, and a luaghcrying emoticon will appear, and the person will have big hands. (meme)

2)the act of breathing in and breathing out, then the word ''Boi'' will appear.(meme)

3)a misspelled, or lazy way of saying boy.

4)the starting word of a roasting sentence.
2)Guy 1: (inhales) (exhales) boi

4)Guy 1 : u lok shtupid
Guy 1: *drops tear*
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A person that sucks big fat ones and doesn't know what the hell is going on
by Bird Dildos December 19, 2017
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Super hot Cambodian who loves white chicks with blond hair, namely Stephy.
"Wow, that guy was so hot, he almost rated as high as Boi"
by Sopheap January 26, 2005
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When a person say "I got an F for FUCK on that test yesterday." you say "BOOOOOOOOOIIIIII."
When a person say "I got an F for FUCK on that test yesterday." you say "BOOOOOOOOOIIIIII." Boi is a way to say, dude, sucks for you, or wut.
by ImASmartBoi December 16, 2017
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