A durable, waterproof boot for all terrains. Also the sickest shoe in NYC.
Yo that's some Timbs my guy. Whomst'vst got you that shit bro?
by Jewdacity May 31, 2017
The footwear of Choice For deadasses often seen with a New York Yankees Flatbill hat.
Yo just copped a new pair of timbs b.
by OG Dilbone January 7, 2017
The shortened version of the shoe, timberland
Mai timbs is ill, kikkz is clean
by Genuinely Speaking March 4, 2003
timberlands, shoes, brand
u wanna say im chinese son well heres a reminder, check yo timbs they probulbly say made in china
by aaaa March 24, 2005
I coped those fold over timbs for my boyfriend because they so gangsta.
by TecTina October 16, 2003
That damn word T9 comes up with when you are trying to spell Vince
by Timbe (vince) December 11, 2010