big hands refers to the size of their male sex organs AKA penis
so if you say someone has small hands it means that they have a small penis.
if you say that you have big hands then that means you have a big penis.
by sr71d April 16, 2008
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The extension of a BIG hand, palm facing away from you and fingers spread out, accompanied by saying the words 'Big Hand' in order to signify approval.
1. Only people who actually have a big hand are allowed to use this gesture.
2. Big hand is NOT used willy-nilly.
your mate- 'i just punched a whale in the face'

you- *display big hand* 'big hand mate'
by Lowz March 10, 2010
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Use by many people to refer to a woman who has kids. Thusly she needs big hands to carry the luggage ( i.e kids and children)
- "man check her out"

- "nah shes got big hands"

- "really?"

-"yea three of them "
by Stonewall92 October 13, 2010
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Hands possesed by women of a larger frame, i.e., fatties. these women's "big dumb hands" are called that because the fingers look like eggrolls, and thier nails are always at least 5'in in length, and painted lime green and hot pink, maybe with a decal of rhinestones thrown in here and there. they use thier large talons to grap twinkies, penises, and pork chops and have a death grip to rival a pit bull's. big dumb hands should be avoided like lance bass in a public shower
i had to sleep wiith her! the big dumb hands wouldn't let me go!
by clarkcunt January 9, 2009
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Too describe overly large, awkward, and often unaesthetic hands.
Leroy: you fancy a game of pool?
Tim: I would, but i can't even hold the cue properly!
Leroy: That'l be your big mash panda hands
by salamwalad October 13, 2011
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When some one has tiny hands but monster hand stack up to equal length of his flaccid penis it took 3 of my hands stacked on top each other to equal his length
Damn he has has big dick baby hands his dick was so huge it made my hands look baby sized
by Big dick baby hands June 18, 2023
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