2016 phrase. Normies randomly screech it at the top of their lungs and think its a dank meme. Soon after they dab as well. It is right in front of your eyes and you would like to stab yourself at the moment.

It also means Bank of India.
Normie 1: minecraft is best
Person: Shut the fuck up, no one cares about your normie shit
by PonyTardRepellence August 4, 2018
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Me: Boi lets party
Freinds:Boi that sounds like a good idea.
by boaz274 November 26, 2016
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is not about some homo dudes, it's the cool way of putting boy. do not argue will me.
by SexyMcGee2 August 18, 2008
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When you are roasting someone because they are simply and idiot, and you want them to know it. It involves a hand movement that you have to make a straight hand and point it to the idiot, having the thumb and pinky verticle.
IDOIT- Heh, she said but... like BUTT ! hahahahaha
BOI-ER- Boi, are u like 5?

IDIOT- Omg ur hair looks weird.

BOI-ER- Boi, ur hair looks like u just dipped in greace and haven't brushed it for like five years.
by The gurl that said NO October 20, 2017
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Boi is a non-gender specific term used by a person to identify a single person or group of people; normally teenagers or young adults.
Ryan: Alright bois ?
Group: yeah not too bad, yaself ?
by TheAdoptionKing January 3, 2019
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shit you say at the beginning of a roast
"Boi get your scrawny looking ass over here so we can beat your ass"
by Bruh why me February 24, 2017
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When your friend does something stupid
by DDew56 September 2, 2018
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