"Boi" is commonly used to say "hmmmm". but can also be used instead of "WHAT!" or "WHY!"7

It usually contains the speaker raising their hand in front of them
Person 2: IDK BRO!
Person 3: What are we talking about?
Person 1 & 2: STFU
by Suve1245 September 9, 2018
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Boi is cooler way of saying "Boy".it adds MLG style to itself. So i could song You my small chatch phase i made as examlpe of correct usage of Word "Boi".

Its yo boi Rollin trollin over the Street,Being King of the Street.bois im godlike Here,its cause im reall BOI.
by Memermlg_nosckopermlg429 June 18, 2018
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When some bitch does something very stupid so you extend your hand and angle it towards the person and yell BOI at them
Person 1: ur hamster looks delicious

Person 2: BOI
by dabbittyYEET March 2, 2019
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When you're black and you say boy with a ghetto accent
Damn Boi you got the new J's?
Yea Man they dope
by Tina The Talking Tummy April 6, 2016
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A slang word and/or street name for heroin. (noun)
1) Ask your girlfriend if she knows someone selling boi since I’m new in this town. I’m starting to feel withdrawals.
2) I have some fire boi if you know anyone who’s looking.
by BRADiN3M February 20, 2021
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Boy = boi but cooler
Look at that boy ( nah cool).
Look at that boiiiiiiiiii ( cool af)
by Yah boi yah bitch Eve January 11, 2018
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