Possibly the biggest mystery humanity will never find the answer to.
Guy: Hey bro, what's Obama's last name?
Guy 2: It's...... oh shit.
by obamabruhladen September 15, 2019
The three unsolved mysteries are

Area 51
Bermuda Triangle
And Obama's last name
by LeilaSP October 6, 2019
President, you see obama is often referred to as Mr. President, implying its his last name, therefore obamas last name is President.
Mike: whats Obama's last name?
Eric: President
Mike: so his full name is Obama President?
Eric: yeah
by BrunostLars June 24, 2021
It Obama. His full name is Obama Obama
Person 1: What's Obama's last name?
Person 2: It's Obama
Person 1: So his name is Obama Obama?
Person 2: Yes
by SmallYtu March 16, 2020
Obama's last name is a mystery to all
person 1 "do you know Obama's last name?"
person 2 "ummmmmm"
by John the wall October 20, 2020
greatest mystery of all time, followed by what victorias secret is
johnny-hey bro whats obama's last name?
kyle- oh it's-
kyle drops to the ground before finishing his sentence
by homoalphamale January 6, 2022
Something that we will never know unless Elon Musk will help us
"Hey do you know Obama's last name?"

"Ofcourse not, nobody knows it you dumbass."
"Ut's a stupid question that only Elon Musk could maybe figuere out."
by Piece of pork December 16, 2021