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Function: noun and adjective
Pronunciation: \'Bō sē\ plural \'Bō sēs\

A colloquialism that took form in upstate New York based on the Acronym "Board of Cooperative Educational Services". B.O.C.E.S.

the Acronym is roughly used as a synonym like "cripple" or "retard" Boce or Boces and is often mixed Boce+Retard for the popular "bO-tard";

The words are used as slang, taking the place of Retard, Idiot, Dumb-ass, Dumby and even just as a description for someone with any general physical handicap.
Only a Boce could fail that test

There are too many loud ugly Boces here to have a good time.

You fell off your bike like a bO-tard!

you wont be running because your Boce ass is in crutches!
by NY person February 14, 2009
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Origin: New Paltz, NY{Boesee}A mentally retarded person (it is possible for a boce to be in regular school classes)
Joe Morse is a boce!
by I S&F I May 05, 2005
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An insult developed from the special education department B.O.C.E.S. , it is a word that people use to insult people who are mentally challenged, or people who just act stupid. Its creation was based on the idea that people who attended BOCES were the "boces" either unaware or not-caring of the fact the the "S" on the end of "BOCES" is actually a part of the acronym, not the kind of "s" on the end of a word that makes it plural. The insult isn't always used to put down "slow" people, however. Sometimes it's just used as a general insult. If someone being annoying they may sometimes be called boces. It is also sometimes mistakenly pronounced "boass"(bəʊs), not pronouncing the "e" on account of the fact that most words spelt like "boce" don't pronounce the "e" such as "dose", "close", "hose" and "rose". They are pronounced as if the "e" isn't even there.
Stop being such a boce, John!

Ha-ha, that kid's a boce!
by Sean V November 18, 2007
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Noun: one who is mentally slow. synnonym: Idiot
Stop being a Boce, rob!
by Bean January 27, 2004
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someone who acts in a weird or strange manner or does not act normal (pronounced Bosee)kids in New York state used this term in elementary school in the 60's, 70's and 80's
that guy over there picks his nose and eats it. "what a Boces"
by Bill Kess December 04, 2007
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A program where kids go if they aren't able to socialize and make friends. They are discriminated against in school and constantly made fun of, and always assumed to have inferior academic capacities.
I've been stuck in boces since 1993, and contemplated suicide so often because of it.
by GuidoPosse69 February 21, 2005
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verb noun adjective A retard or someone who acts retarded. Many boces coexist in hiding and denial with regular and intelligent people. Boce Brian (Double B) is possibly the founder of this new sect of homosapiens, being so retarded as to jump off a moving motorcycle just because I told him to.
Boce Brian
verb - that kid is bocing (boesing) out.
noun - Look at that boce over there.
adjective - look at that boce-ass kid drooling on himself over there.
by D.A.N. December 14, 2005
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