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1. Bulgarian first name - rare and cool
2. Ukrainian last name - just a surname

Boyko is relaxed and easygoing, loves to have fun, and will do the shit that nobody else will. Always finds ways to live his life in the craziest ways possible, and gets noticed all over.
Runs the show, takes it slow, smarter than his peers, loves to pound back beers, respected in the community, it's like he's got diplomatic immunity. Friends always come first.
Backpacking through Europe with Boyko was the time of my life!

Me and my boy Boyko ripped it up last night, it was a blast!

Every time me and Boyko go out, they need to send in a relief team to deal with the casualties!
by B All Kinds February 05, 2010
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to be a ukrainian idiot with no common sense. able to be manipulated easily.

(n) an idiot that carries a dissproportiante A. feels the need to point out things like only an idiot would do.
reacts violently to the snapping of fingers beside his head. its is said that this goes back to 1546 A.D. when the Badads were still in power in the ukraine. (see the rise of the dads) ukrainians like boyko will react hostile if faced with this action so it must be approached with caution, however it has been done on several occasions.

(v) to kick it boyko style means to act like a total fool.
Man, wtf ronaldo, you're kickin it boyko style.

Andrew, stop kickin it boyko style or I'm gonna tell mom.

Damn, I cannot believe the audacity boyko style.
by Alex Hayner April 23, 2004
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To be obsessive/compulsive in a childlike fashion.
Shizzle girl, you dont have to go all Boyko on me like that.

Dear, you're being a little Boyko about them candy bars.

by BobbyBitch November 09, 2005
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