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1. the bird used as a symbol of the United States

2. A clothing store located in many different shopping malls. People buy stuff there.
1. Look how beautiful that eagle looks in its natural habitat!!

2. Do you feel like getting that cute sweater at American eagle today?
Naw... I'm going to wait till it's on sale.
by Bean December 2, 2004
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A type of arthritis that primarily affects the spine and sacroiliac joints. Tendons and ligaments may become inflamed where they attach to the bone. Advanced forms may result in formation of bony bridges, causing stiffness and spinal rigidity. An inflammatory arthritic disorder that affects males more often than females. Affected individuals are usually HLA B27 positive.
ouch my back hurts lots and lots lets smoek some weed
by Bean October 19, 2004
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The anticipation for sex or any romantic encounter with a man: "man"+"anticipation"= manticipation!
She manticipated their next date for days- she wanted him bad!
by Bean June 14, 2004
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Jerry: Dude, Ben committed marriage yesterday.

Joe: Holy shit dude. Well, so much for hanging out with ben.
by Bean March 7, 2005
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Adjective: Mixing the two words: mental and retard. Often describing a person who is either an idiot or a lunatic.
Bob's such a mentard for hitting on brittany speares!
by Bean January 27, 2004
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abnormally small limbs and torso but unbeleivably large head and forehead.
The are surprisingly strong they have all the strength of ten men compressed in to their little midget body
look at that midget he is so cute i want to kiss his huge forehead
by Bean May 27, 2003
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displaying the properties of an oger.
ie. huge, large, often hairy, or extreme cases of obesity

derived from the famous term Mad niggerish
this mad ogerish mafucker came out so we peeled
by Bean March 11, 2005
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