The best nigga alive. Will steal all your girls. Huge Black Cock. Extremely cool. Has the best drip
Damn, Boaz, I see you with that drip.

My girl saw Boaz and took her.
by Drip Master November 10, 2020
amazing guy, hot, muscular, makes everyone fall in love with him..
Bitch 1: yo how's that boaz?

Bitch 2: Dick is bomb
by BogasmOnU December 9, 2013
A city in northern Alabama that has an outlet mall and a Super-Walmart.

Boaz is the poor man's Dothan.
by Boaz4life November 17, 2007
Person 1: Dude... I just got a nuke in COD!!!
Person 2: BOAZ!!


Person 1: Dude... my life sucks right now. My girl just dumped me, my car was broken into, and I am failing one of my classes.
Person 2: Man, it's times like these when you just gotta throw up your hands and say "boaz."
by boazthegreat October 12, 2010
(Verb) This word means to have more than just a yelling fit or mental breakdown. This is when you brain simply just stops working.
Did you hear about John, he just boazed yesterday in class. Yeah it was bad.
by AlbertTheBookworm January 17, 2021
A person who has a mental breakdown and emotional impulsion simultaneously, that can only be described using this word.
That kid over there boazed yesterday, he almost hurt himself there.
by AlbertTheBookworm January 18, 2021
Usually used for describing a person who is always in the gym and loves his muscular budy
person 1: Have you seen that guy in the gym last night? He really is a Boaz.
person 2: Yeah, he's always there. That f*ckboy thinks it's funny to act like a Boaz.
by MrNazo March 22, 2018