a term used for a bitchy teacher walking around the cafeteria during lunch watching over everyone to make sure they are behaving
Ms. Howser is such a Bitch 1. I hate her so much.
by Craig Jarvis March 25, 2011
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Someone that judges a person by their looks expecting them to fail. Defined by the comments for the Youtube video "Susan Boyle - Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009 (With Lyrics)". At 1:24 the camera cuts to a girl rolling her eyes, not expecting the contestant to sing very well because of their looks. The comments for the video repeatedly refer to her as the "bitch at 1:24"

Although The girl at 1:24 defined the phrase, it relates to all the viewers that weren't expecting a good performance.
What? you don't think she can dance because of her looks? You sound like the bitch at 1:24"
by Zeiss April 19, 2009
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