a person who is smart and everyone wants to be around. he is loved by everyone and he is a strong character in any friendship. The solver of problems and the man in anyones life
Person 1: "Who's that wonderful man over there?"
Person 2: "I dunno. He must be a boaz!"
by fantastic one January 13, 2010
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someone who is a waste of space on this earth and looks funky
look at that fuc**** boaz
by bigshot444 February 9, 2022
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An incredibly insightful egomaniac, always blaming his bestfriends for his insecurities.
by AlbertTheBookworn November 26, 2022
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Boaz is a person who's really fat or really stupid.
by yenotik December 6, 2008
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amazing guy, hot, muscular, makes everyone fall in love with him..
Bitch 1: yo how's that boaz?

Bitch 2: Dick is bomb
by BogasmOnU December 9, 2013
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A city in northern Alabama that has an outlet mall and a Super-Walmart.

Boaz is the poor man's Dothan.
by Boaz4life November 17, 2007
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The best nigga alive. Will steal all your girls. Huge Black Cock. Extremely cool. Has the best drip
Damn, Boaz, I see you with that drip.

My girl saw Boaz and took her.
by Drip Master November 10, 2020
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