The ultimate coward move, You can and will get blocked for doing literally anything. Most people who will block you, are snowflakes that get offended over you doing or saying something they don't like. And God help you if you make a joke.
Person one:: "Didn't you have an argument with Carissa on Instagram yesterday?"
Person two "Yes and no, she blocked me the moment I talked to her,"
by AlanSnackbarHaterOfFurries February 3, 2022
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Something that happens to you if you're an asshole in a group chat. Also, this is what the public schools do to any page that is not educational.
Kid #1: Oh, did you see what the schools did to Urban Dictionary?

Kid #2: Yeah, they blocked it. So sad...
by Turdmeister69 March 2, 2020
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Referring to a state of pregnancy. To be blocked, to become blocked, to get blocked.
"She's blocked", "I'm blocked".
by PopeMichael July 21, 2009
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Prevented from being contacted or accessed; however you can not block a person that is sick as that is common decency
They blocked my number and social medias
by Urmomshot November 11, 2021
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1) Restricted, not allowed

2) Annoyed to death by boring facts in a history lecture.
Darnit the website was blocked

Stop blocking me dude
by DevineTheCat May 12, 2017
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To be gay/ Petty and u don't have nothing to say back or u have no good comeback so u blocked then. Most of the time it's girls who block Becaues if a boy do it mean he scared of u so he block u
We had a bad argument and he said something that was true and I'm scared to fight him so I just blocked him blocked scared
by So ture July 9, 2019
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