52 definitions by Kristin

to make a sharp right turn while while driving.
when giving directions:
"Hook a right onto Cleveland, then go 3 miles..."
by Kristin March 14, 2004
that guy is such an asshole.
by Kristin December 11, 2003
To beat the crap out of something, like they do to the copy machine in the movie Office Space
your car isn't working? you should Office Space it!
by Kristin July 23, 2004
doing a person from behind, you choke them with your shoelaces, and beat them in the head with your shoe (preferably Nike). then you cum all over his/her back, and you mix the blood from his/her head with the cum creating red and white swirls, much like Starlight Mint candy

eating cheetos
I am eating cheetos in public. I don't care if anyone catches me, if they do I will give each and every one of them a Nike Starlight.
by Kristin November 1, 2004
The finest light skinned dude in this rap game.He is tha screwed up king. Shit and u better know it.
I love me some dark- skinned boys but shit Lil' flip a fine ass mothafucka.
by Kristin April 24, 2005
attempting to eat as much good food as possible.

a good day consists of a delightful breakfast, snack, and dinner.
1) a good breakfast, incorporating any or all of the following: cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, ham and cheese omelettes, yogurt, eggs over easy, orange juice (tropicana), hashbrowns, fruit

2) good snacks, again, incorporating any or all of the following: easy mac, cheetos, cereal (counted as breakfast OR a snack), carne asada quesedilla, carne asada fries, breadsticks, in n out, ice cream, popcorn, jones soda, oreo shake, oreo anything, fries, cookies, harvest pie

3) a great full meal, usually only incorporating one or less of the following: PIZZA, chicken and dumplings, fried chicken, chicken parmegian, lemon chicken, any other form of chicken, fettucini alfredo, shrimp, steak, pork chops, mashed potatoes, chinese food, ribs, chili in a breadbowl
by Kristin April 15, 2005