There is a block in every major city. It's a neighborhood where drug dealers are out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Basically, it's a literal drive through for illegal substances. You go, make your order, you make a block, and you pick up your stuff.
Killa: "Yo, you wanna hit up the block today?"
J: "Fo sho nigga, let's do this!"
by Killa and J April 16, 2006
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Short for "monoblock," a type of cast automotive wheel. Common in Southern rap, particularly from Houston.
"Sittin' fat down south, rollin' Benz on blocks, mo' scrilla I got signin' with Short Stop..."
-Lil' Will, from Lil' Troy's Wanna Be a Baller
by Adrian West January 22, 2009
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Royce da 5 9 ft Eminem writer's block.

.... Her pussy need to be blocked and reported as spam. Bong!
by shoei17 October 09, 2011
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The thing you plug your usb charger In to.
Does any one have a block to charge my phone? I left my block at home.
by fallingstarsarebeautiful August 01, 2020
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When you have smoked so much cannabis, marijuana, weed, skunk, rocky, pollen etc. That you can no longer feel the effects of smoking it.
"We will get a fat bag of skunk,get pure blocked"
by adam2k7 December 19, 2006
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(verb) how to avoid talking to certain people on AIM. You can "block" people so that they won't be able to chat with you and vice versa. Sometimes used as a a temporary punishment when your friend was alledgedly "unfaithful."
"I blocked her after I heard she was cheatin' on my bf, Jimmy."
by Forturne Cokie August 30, 2004
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a term that proves to someone that you're not frontin. same as 'on mamaz' or 'on citas'. originated in the bay area
guy 1: let's put this shit down

guy 2: stop frontin'

guy 1: on blocks nigga
by fieldshityeee August 30, 2008
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