Slang term used by one individual to title another in greeting; used in replacement of words such as "dude," "man," dawg," or "G." Originally, "block" was conceived by an individual known only as, Shwin; nevertheless, the word gained increased popularity as, IHOD (the larger group of friends to which he belongs) implemented its usage in countless phrases now made popular in society.
"What up block?"

"Where you at block?"

"Yo block, lets get these chicks back to the crib."
by Board of Admissions January 22, 2011
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Blocks is like the adjective of jawn. It can be used to mean fire,tuff,lit,or dead/beat
That jawn is blocks
by Urbaine dictionary April 18, 2019
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Taken from the practice of leaving a car which has been thoroughly stripped up on concrete blocks. Something is said to be 'on blocks' when one comes back and finds it has been ransacked thoroughly.
I told you not to let anyone in--now my whole room's up on blocks!

Wait til Oscar gets back and finds his DVD collection up on blocks . . .
by Secret Agent Man September 18, 2003
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Probably the most useful tool on MSN messenger
what i do to retarted people who either say "ROFL OMG LMAO LOLZ" or a damn annoying white ho named morgan who thinks shes really cool, but shes a skank
by Protoza November 06, 2004
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In theatre, it is the act of setting the exact motions of each character in a scene and/or act. This occurs during rehearsal.
We still need to do the blacking for scene 2.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 21, 2005
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when one dude prevents another dude from gettin an easy girl, or blocking a player while hes using a flow to get a hot girl, mostly for one night stands, but rarely for relationships. also known as c0ck blocking
my man get back!ma dude u blocking!
by cmoney0789 May 10, 2006
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Vallejo, CA consisting of Rancho, The Crest, College Park, Hillcrest, Tree Town, Simmerons, The South, Beverly Hills, Sea Side and Lofas
Where you from?
The Block..
Fa sho, I was in the crest last night chilln wit some cuddies
by M. Du May 06, 2005
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