1. In USA, "block" mean city block, 'hood, smallest area surrounded by streets.

2. In Central/Eastern Europe, Poland, post-DRG Germany & France, "block" is fuckin' HUGE apartment bulding made of concrete panels, where people live like rats in cages. Worst muthafuckin ghetto you can imagine.
1. Wudup man, what's the news on the block bro?

2. Oh shit, the elevator in our block is fucked up. We must go downstairs through 20 floors.
by hakoon July 29, 2006
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a block in the city where one can go to buy narcotics.
"yo lets go get some weed"
"from who"
"lets go down to the block"
by nego October 31, 2005
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Head, perhaps more Brit than American?
As in "I'll knock yer fucking block off"
by sevenhn February 10, 2006
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To be absolutely fucked for an IB Course because of a teacher.

Usually involves a teacher that can make 1+1 confusing, or a teacher that refuses to give student's their tests back. Teacher is also capable of producing a 9-sided dice. A Blockifying Teacher is usually high during class and coughs all over the white board without covering his mouth because of smoking cheap mugliat.
1.) "Man, I'm so BLOCKed for Econ! All I understand from last class is that my Teacher's lifelong dream is to own a burrito shack!"


3.) I hate Econ. I hate Econ. I hate Econ. I hate Econ. I hate Econ. I hate Econ. I hate Econ. I hate Econ. I hate Econ. I hate Econ. I hate Econ. I hate Econ. I hate Econ. I hate Econ. I hate Econ. I hate Econ.

4.) This teacher seriously BLOCKed us, I say we feed him to the Raha Tribes
by I Should've Taken History.. December 13, 2010
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brick of cocaine or brick of yayo or kilo
get a pot with the stove on warm get a block quicker then the ready rock form
by chris March 07, 2005
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The most useful and most immature tool of MSN Messenger
"Some mofo was talking to me on msn and annoying the shit out of me so i hit the block button and blocked them!"
by gapi June 10, 2009
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What happens when you violently anger/scare/annoy someone over IM.
Person 1: "I love you..."
Person 2: "I *heart* you too."
Person 3: "Ok you guys are so blocked..."
by Angry Salamander October 19, 2005
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