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Something that happens to you if you're an asshole in a group chat. Also, this is what the public schools do to any page that is not educational.
Kid #1: Oh, did you see what the schools did to Urban Dictionary?

Kid #2: Yeah, they blocked it. So sad...
by Turdmeister69 March 2, 2020
A redheaded weeb in California obsessed with hentai and has a way with always choosing gay girls as crushes.
Bro, that kid is a total Sewer
by Turdmeister69 February 29, 2020
Ways of saying, naaahh, that's fake or NAAAAHHH, that's HELLA fake.
Bob: Yo, I saw a flying saucer!

Steve: Beard!

Bob: No, dude, it was real and it had a bunch of guinea pigs falling out of it!

Steve: Itchy Beard!!!

Beard, Itchy Beard!
by Turdmeister69 March 16, 2020
Something that people in the lower hemisphere attach to their toilets to make the water drain counterclockwise. Basically, it makes their toilets American.
Haha! Water Reversers are really becoming a trend in Brazil
by Turdmeister69 March 1, 2020
A tool for maintaining good oral hygiene. Also, 9-year-olds still obsessed with Fortnite have used it to get on their parents nerves when asked to perform the everyday dental procedure.
Wow, that kid was actually flossing his teeth? They mostly floss their freaking legs nowadays.
by Turdmeister69 April 1, 2020
Something that 1 and a half-year-olds say every day, but no one is smart enough to document them or assign meaning.
Wow, did Billy just say a New Word?

Yeah, it sounded like, "gibpherligh"
by Turdmeister69 April 1, 2020