An adjective, used when one is heavily under the influence, most often alcohol or marijuana.
"We were absolutely blitzed after finishing off that case of beer."
by Drew M. January 29, 2006
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Chris- did you see Craig's fb picture
Gille- yeah man he was blitzed out of his fucking mind.
by CofC 123 September 4, 2011
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Being extremely drunk/hammered/fucked-in-half.
"Dude I got so blitzed last night I was falling on my ass everywhere I went!"
by Sting0592 October 11, 2009
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A verb associated with one going all-out on something i.e. an object, competition or anything in which can receive human impact physically or mentally. Also commonly referred to getting extremely drunk, raised or both.
- I blitzed my exam; finished within 20 minutes!

- John started pushing Liam and then Liam just blitzed it. I don't think John will be picking on him again!

- On the last lap of the 800m race, this kid absolutely blitzed it. He deserved 1st place!
by Maximus Decimus Meridi March 11, 2012
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Being relly high, or wasted to the point of having no words to decribe it.
I drank a 60 of whiskey, i'm so wasted.
by j/a June 29, 2003
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