The spot in work where you can kill some time or just go there for the odd text message and be free from the security cameras and the eyes of a manager.
"Has anyone seen mo?"

"Check the blindspot"

*Finds mo*

"Get on with some work!"

Mo: "Damn"
by Spasdas May 9, 2010
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When a situation or an image can be interpreted in two different ways, but you can only see one of the interpretations. You have a blindspot to the second interpretation. Often used when referring to people seeing the wrong interpretation.
"George Zimmerman was blindspotting when he thought Trayvon Martin was a robber."
by Valerie Gutierrez June 26, 2017
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An Anoying term used by numerous driving instructors at Mountain Driving School including Roy. Can be used with a quick knucle tap on the window (twice)
Approaching an intersection......
Ok what do you do, I'm not going to say anything.


Thats right, look look blindspot (knock, knock)
Student: Stfu Roy
by Hamilton55698 May 26, 2009
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The part of your mind that doesn't know to know what you don't know.
My dad has a blindspot for social grace.

The answer must be in my blindspot.
by blindspot February 17, 2005
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a moment when you have no or limited information about the current state of the person you keep stalking
I dont know where is he and what he is doing. I feel panic everytime he make a blindspot.

Blindspot is when I see him online on whatsapp but didn't text me!
by onewoundedheart September 28, 2015
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Using someone's ignorance, or misinformation, in order to manipulate for selfish gain.
"I took in my cousin for almost two months, thinking he actually got sober for once, but he was just blindspotting me."
by Shepherd4u June 21, 2018
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1) A point in your car, usually part of your vehicle chassis, that blocks sight when you are trying to get your surroundings.

2) When a large behemoth vehicle, usually a minivan, SUV, or pickup truck with a rear cabin, is parked next to you, making it hard, if at all possible, to see any oncoming traffic. They may also be the large vehicle on the left or right when you are at an intersection attempting to make a turn.
1) You should configure your rearview mirrors to eliminate as much blindspot as possible.

2) I couldn't see the oncoming traffic because some moron parked his Expedition right near the intersection.
by The Sub March 1, 2005
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