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A Mexican liquor that is close cousin to the more famous Tequila. Mezcal is usually stronger, and is known for it's trademark worm which is placed in the bottle. The worm's preservation in the bottle is, according to legend, a sign of high proof in the liquor. Many fraternities believe that eating the worm (which, unlike the liquid it's found in, is relatively harmless) is a right of passage. High quality brands of Mezcal rarely carry the worm.
You aren't a true binge drinker until you've drank the Mezcal and eaten the worm.
by The Sub April 13, 2005
Also known as a sausage fest. Sword fights are parties with an overwhelming amount of males. What few females there are usually being cock blocked too. They develop when too many different cliques decide to show up, with few females being told of the party. Also, if two parties are being held at the same time, more or less one of them will turn into a sword fight, depending on which people the girls like.
I went to some dudes house party and it was a total sword fight. All the girls were either at the club or movies that night, and some other kids were cock blocking the girls that were there.
by The Sub February 26, 2005
1) Toyota Altezza. Also known as the Lexus IS Series in America.

2) A style of lights, usually clear with a red circular braking/parking light in the center, and signal/reverse marker at the bottom. It is the stock light of the Toyota Altezza/Lexus IS, and variations of this light are usually put onto even cheaper cars, such as the Civic and Chevy Cavalier, by Ricers.
1) The Toyota Altezza is the cheapest car in the Lexus brand in America. In Japan, it is considered the upper-part of the Toyota economy class cars.

2) That Honda Civic has some rice-looking Altezza lights.
by The Sub February 13, 2005
Nintendo gaming consoles were, for a very long period of time, the monopoly of the gaming industry. However, advances in PC gaming technology, as well as the intergration of the failing Sega company into the growing Sony Playstation market, and the introduction of Microsoft's X-Box, have proven to be potent in a market which Nintendo has been unable to succeed in the past decade... the adolescent market.

Nintendo's marketing strategy consists of gearing itself towards younger gamers, which more child-like titles, while at the same time attempting to win back it's nostalgia fanbase with remakes of classics such as Zelda and Metroid. Unfortunately, in the face of powerhouses such as the GTA series, Halo, and PC titles like Half-Life and pretty much any game Blizzard makes, Nintendo has been unable to compete with Sony and Microsoft.

This has lead to what some people believe the Nintendo Gamecube being the last Nintendo system (much like Sega's Dreamcast). The opposition to this are, the aforementioned 'nostalgia' gamers, who during the late 80's earlier 90's, instead of actually studying in school or working and getting money, played 'The Last Great Console' (NES or SNES, depending on what moron you ask) all day, and are now 30 year old males sitting in their parent's basement longing for the 'good ol days' when game challenges consist of whether or not Mario was going to move the direction you told him to.

Nintendo's latest marketing ploy is the DS, in an attempt to winback the handheld gaming industry in which it has dominated with it's Gameboy. However, heavy advertising and anticipation for Sony's PSP prove to be more than a match for Nintendo.

The 80's are over people. MJ is a pedophile, Alf went back to his planet, and Nintendo is a has-been gaming company.
Nowadays, whenever I visit a friends house, and the idea of playing video games come up, it's either Halo 2, GTA:SA, or a Sony sporting game... not Mario Kart on SNES you imbeciles.
by The Sub April 26, 2005
Most internet nerds have similar hobbies... They usually include listening to garbage rock music, obsessing over anime, and bashing President Bush, declaring him the worst President ever despite having only lived under a grand total of 3 different Presidents.

Bush bashing usually includes the infamously popular 'Bush is a monkey' picture, as well as the 'village idiot' factor. In reality, Bush went to Yale, which is a pretty damn fine University for a 'moron chimpanzee' to go to.

Many of them have really no legit reason to bash President Bush. Although Bush has had plenty of questionable moves in his terms, few of them have affected internet nerds directly. None of them are physically fit to go to war if there ever WAS a draft (which there won't be), none of them will ever get laid and have to worry about their partner getting an abortion, and few of them if any have jobs and even if they did, the 'tax breaks for the rich' (what?) aren't going to effect them... particularly because EVERYONE got tax breaks and a big tax return.

Even worse are the ones that don't even live in America, and reside in such politically important places (NOT) such as Canada, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom (has-been empire). Bush is our problem, if he even is one... do you see me bitching about clubbing seals, or price hikes in tea and crumpets?
HellRaiserANnihaihAIlator339873839xx3987NATURAL BORN KILLAHS CLAN: Yeah, Bush is such a stupid President. He is going to war with the savages who just slaughtered 5000 of our own people on our soil... what a warmonger. If I had a job outside of Counterstrike, I'm sure he'd find a way to steal my legal tender too because it is so evil.

Foreigner: Yes, Bush is ze warmonger! He attacked the country that my glorious former genocidical power of a nation was making millions off of in shady deals with. DOWN WITH BUSH!
by The Sub February 8, 2005
A car with no working brake lights (including the ones in the windshield too). When this car comes to a stop, it may suprise you, especially if the driver is a hard braker.

Sadly, sometimes hard braking is intentional if the driver knows his brake lights are out. If you rear end a car, you are always at fault, no matter what.
I kept an eye on the suprise car infront of me, I think the shady foreigner inside was trying to get a cheap screwjob.
by The Sub February 25, 2005
1) A movie starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

2) Evening hours when the roads begin to get congested like a fat man's arteries. Usually starts around 4 and ends at 8, reaching total gridlock at 5. Drivers during these hours seem to be more concerned with not letting you get infront of them in lane switches (by speeding up alongside of you) than their own wellbeing. They also don't want to wait more than 3 milliseconds to take a left turn even when there is oncoming traffic. Even if they broke a hundred traffic laws to get there, drivers still seem to obey the speed limit when they are the first car in traffic, while everyone else is tailgating. Argh.
1) Rush Hour was funny.

2) Rush hour is not funny.
by The Sub February 17, 2005