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1) Toyota Altezza. Also known as the Lexus IS Series in America.

2) A style of lights, usually clear with a red circular braking/parking light in the center, and signal/reverse marker at the bottom. It is the stock light of the Toyota Altezza/Lexus IS, and variations of this light are usually put onto even cheaper cars, such as the Civic and Chevy Cavalier, by Ricers.
1) The Toyota Altezza is the cheapest car in the Lexus brand in America. In Japan, it is considered the upper-part of the Toyota economy class cars.

2) That Honda Civic has some rice-looking Altezza lights.
by The Sub February 13, 2005
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A dangerous impedement to getting pussy which can rear it's ugly head in many different forms and situations. To categorize a few...

1) The Third Wheel - A friend of the chick you are trying to get who doesn't want to leave her side, and will not until your target says otherwise.

2) The Lame Duck - When trying to get a slutty girl, a lame duck may be another individual who knows the sluts reputation, and is hanging around her, but is either bogged down in their efforts to spit game, or downright wasting her and your time by not getting any, but instead keeping the slut company.

3) Rich People - Sometimes at a party, those ridiculously rich white kids come down, and since most girls are attracted to money, they start hanging around them. Of course, most rich people who come down to urban parties are there for a bigger reason... to do oxycontin, cocaine, and other garbage and get our females hooked onto it. Definately one of the worst.

4) The Ex - If your potential mate has an Ex-Boyfriend somewhere in the premises, things can get ugly if he's the hothead type. Thankfully, I'm a Marine and could careless about a civilian, but for other people who aren't deadly weapons by law, just keep your eyes out, these morons can not only cock block your entire operation but can get the jump off blown up too.

5) Accidents - Sometimes even your closest buddy might let something stupid slip, like that time you had that threesome with your potential mate's sister. Or it might be a cock blocker letting it slip intentionally. Me and my clique follow a strong code of silence on matters like this, but when it comes to getting the finest bitches, trust can fall like a house of cards in a hurricane.

There are many more you might have the misfortunate of encountering. Just keep smooth casanova and you can sometimes blitz right past them and go straight for it. After that, all you need to worry about is not getting burned.
1) I wanted to talk to that girl alone, but her bitch friend kept hanging around us being a third wheel cock block.

2) That dude keeps trying to holler at that slut but isn't getting any, and I'm the one who called her to come here and give me brains in the first place.

3) I was hollering at this chick when these random white dudes from the sticks came. Next thing I knew, the chick was strung out on coke.

4) I was fingering this chick in the back, when her ex comes in and starts wiling out.

5) I was spitting mad game at this chick, when my drunk ass friend comes over and says "Isn't her sister the girl we gave the goggles too that night?"
by The Sub January 09, 2005
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Most internet nerds have similar hobbies... They usually include listening to garbage rock music, obsessing over anime, and bashing President Bush, declaring him the worst President ever despite having only lived under a grand total of 3 different Presidents.

Bush bashing usually includes the infamously popular 'Bush is a monkey' picture, as well as the 'village idiot' factor. In reality, Bush went to Yale, which is a pretty damn fine University for a 'moron chimpanzee' to go to.

Many of them have really no legit reason to bash President Bush. Although Bush has had plenty of questionable moves in his terms, few of them have affected internet nerds directly. None of them are physically fit to go to war if there ever WAS a draft (which there won't be), none of them will ever get laid and have to worry about their partner getting an abortion, and few of them if any have jobs and even if they did, the 'tax breaks for the rich' (what?) aren't going to effect them... particularly because EVERYONE got tax breaks and a big tax return.

Even worse are the ones that don't even live in America, and reside in such politically important places (NOT) such as Canada, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom (has-been empire). Bush is our problem, if he even is one... do you see me bitching about clubbing seals, or price hikes in tea and crumpets?
HellRaiserANnihaihAIlator339873839xx3987NATURAL BORN KILLAHS CLAN: Yeah, Bush is such a stupid President. He is going to war with the savages who just slaughtered 5000 of our own people on our soil... what a warmonger. If I had a job outside of Counterstrike, I'm sure he'd find a way to steal my legal tender too because it is so evil.

Foreigner: Yes, Bush is ze warmonger! He attacked the country that my glorious former genocidical power of a nation was making millions off of in shady deals with. DOWN WITH BUSH!
by The Sub February 08, 2005
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1) The national flag of Canada. Two vertical red stripes with a maple leaf in the center. Generic and uncreative.

2) Something that American tourists do NOT place on their backpacks when they go touring in Europe. The only people poor enough to afford to travel to another country with backpacks instead of luggage are college students and Canadians.
1) Canadian flags can often be found in general blue-collar trash havens, such as hockey games, wrestling matches, and Montrael.

2) Canadian: "You Americans are hated so much in Europe that you sew Canadian flags on your backpack, eh?"
American: "That'd be a waste of time even if we did it, because they can tell we aren't Canadian by the fact that we are actually wearing clothes that aren't plaid or jean jackets."
by The Sub February 04, 2005
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Disgustingly unfashionable clothing worn by Canadians or blue-collar Americans. They usually refer to one of the two...

1) Denim on denim. A jean jacket with a matching pair of jeans.

2) A plaid button-down shirt and a pair of dickies.

Like the guido tuxedo (tracksuit shananigans), these clothes aren't suited for anything other than a casual party. Unlike the guido tuxedo, a Canadian tuxedo isn't really suited for a casual party either.
Hey, we are going to a hockey/nascar/wrestling event. Bring your Canadian tuxedo.
by The Sub February 04, 2005
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A line of automobiles, either on the highway or a large main street, which consists of a long stretch of automobiles which are usually tailgating each other. It is very hard to switch into this lane until you let the car line pass, or you manage to get up in front of the float which is causing it.
My exit on the highway was to the left, but a car line had formed in the left lane. This was going to be tough.
by The Sub February 25, 2005
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The cause of blowing a four game lead in the AL Championship Series to a wild-card team with a much lower payroll.
The New York Yankees were choking hard in the 2004 ALCS.
by The Sub January 31, 2005
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