(blēch•íng) ppv
the act of whitewashing one’s words, usually after the fact, in attempt to mitigate public disapproval, aka moving the goalposts, aka inventing the long story, aka out of whole cloth, aka changing his tune, aka telling us another tale
clorox spin retract withdraw prevaricate
“ You are just bleaching now; I heard what you said the first time”
“Stop bleaching, you liar”
Bleaching won’t save you, the whole world heard what you said”
by effinrit April 26, 2020
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Bleaching (also called Satanic bleaching) is a process used by Satanists to make victims forget people, places, and events.
The Sidran Institute stated that bleaching is performed by Satanists.
by ScienceBurt February 4, 2020
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to stay awake the whole damn night, usually to work on some sort of project.
"Goddamnit, this paper is due at 7:00am, and I've hardly even started. Looks like I'll be bleaching it again tonight."

"Hey man, you look like shit. Let me guess, did you bleach last night?"
by Joe January 14, 2004
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the beverage in which is usually consumed when listening to jacob sartorius' song 'sweatshirt', but the song is so bad you better hurry before it drinks itself.
"Hey, let's listen to Jacob's new song sweatshirt!"
"Sorry, I can't I've ran out of bleach."
by petrude02 June 26, 2016
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1. hella clean
2. synonym fo gasoline
1. That track was bleach.
2. "I spit bleach, I'ma leave you all blonde" ~Birge
by uclAB March 12, 2010
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When a black (African) woman has sex with a white (Caucasian) man, she is said to be bleached. Also refers to a black woman that regularly endeavours in sexual intercourse with white men.
Person: "Jasmine is such a gold digger, she is always going with white guys."
Other person: "She ain't a gold digger, she's after all white men, she's just bleached."
by knikknax March 31, 2017
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Bartender- what will it be?

Guy- I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
Bartender- I got just the thing.
(brings back bleach and a revolver)

Bartender- go nuts!!
by SentimentalBoy June 26, 2016
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