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Bleaching (also called Satanic bleaching) is a process used by Satanists to make victims forget people, places, and events.
The Sidran Institute stated that bleaching is performed by Satanists.
by ScienceBurt February 04, 2020
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(blēch•íng) ppv
the act of whitewashing one’s words, usually after the fact, in attempt to mitigate public disapproval, aka moving the goalposts, aka inventing the long story, aka out of whole cloth, aka changing his tune, aka telling us another tale
clorox spin retract withdraw prevaricate
“ You are just bleaching now; I heard what you said the first time”
“Stop bleaching, you liar”
Bleaching won’t save you, the whole world heard what you said”
by effinrit April 26, 2020
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