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The twelfth Imam is cited as a possible Muslim Antichrist who will appear during Armageddon (the end of days).
The twelfth Imam is a possible female Muslim Antichrist.
by ScienceBurt March 6, 2020
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The New Order is a Satanic group which was founded around 2009.
The New Order has grown to include many members.
by ScienceBurt January 30, 2020
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Multigenerational Satanist families often have very ancient surnames or habitational names of certain types. Often times many or most members of these particular families have been Satanists for hundreds or even thousands of years.
by ScienceBurt February 2, 2020
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Bleaching (also called Satanic bleaching) is a process used by Satanists to make victims forget people, places, and events.
The Sidran Institute stated that bleaching is performed by Satanists.
by ScienceBurt February 4, 2020
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Father Mike (aka Mikey) was a man who was a lord of Satanism who had a PhD in East Asian studies. He was said to be widely hated in Hollywood for some reason.
Father Mike (aka Mikey) was a nickname given to a terrible lord of Satanism in the Church of Satan.
by ScienceBurt March 7, 2020
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Lordess Eileen is a very powerful lordess of Satanism. She controls the Church of Satan (www.churchofsatan.com).
Lordess Eileen is a lordess of Satanism who is referenced in the song "Down With the Sickness" by the band Disturbed in the line "broken for your servant, Eileen."
by ScienceBurt March 7, 2020
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Pledging Lucifer is the process of pledging yourself to Lucifer as a killer and as a Satanist.
by ScienceBurt February 4, 2020
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