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When a black (African) woman has sex with a white (Caucasian) man, she is said to be bleached. Also refers to a black woman that regularly endeavours in sexual intercourse with white men.
Person: "Jasmine is such a gold digger, she is always going with white guys."
Other person: "She ain't a gold digger, she's after all white men, she's just bleached."
by knikknax March 31, 2017
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When a non-white women has sex with a White man.
Example 1: This girl is so bleached, if you're not a white guy she won't even give you a chance.
Example 2: That black girl from the party last night went home with two white guys, she definitely got bleached.
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by AG303TT July 04, 2020
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To feel "Spaced Out" ensuing excessive exposure to midday sunshine.

see also charred
"I'm good... just feeling bleached right now, I've been lying in the sun for the past 2 hours"
by |2ama July 10, 2004
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Incredibly intoxicated, wayyyyy past faded
This guy smoked 6 Ls and then drank 4 shots of Tequila. He was bleached that night!
by Jackie Soxx December 03, 2008
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person 1: Yo FPM is so ghetto!
person 2: Nah, man, that place is bleached
person 1: I'm gonna whoop your ass!
person 2: Yeah, he's gonna kick your butt!
person 1: Nah man, you just bleached it
by nuthead88 June 14, 2011
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