that timeless feeling after a night out getting wasted
bruv, i'm thoroughly bleached. ya feel to just cotch down today?
by Casper Valentino December 19, 2005
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"Yo, what happened to Steve?"

"Dam, you didn't hear? He got totally bleached by his ex in front of his new girlfriend."

"What are u talking about?"

"yeah, they ran into her the other night and she asked him in front of her new girl if he was still living with his mom."

by mickypillar November 18, 2008
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When one's brain is washed of all significance.
Person 1: Yo, step yo money game up, real talk. Word to!
Person 2: You're bleached.
by Melodiize November 02, 2011
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Hannah: I hope you don’t get bleached

Kate: why not? Its something I’ve always wanted to cross off my bucket list.
by Lynne's August 18, 2018
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