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A term used to describe Women who only have sex with White Men.
Ashley: Seems like Jessica only likes white boys, that's all I ever see her with.
Taylor: Yeah, she's a real Queen of Hearts.
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by AG303TT July 03, 2020

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When a non-white women has sex with a White man.
Example 1: This girl is so bleached, if you're not a white guy she won't even give you a chance.
Example 2: That black girl from the party last night went home with two white guys, she definitely got bleached.
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by AG303TT July 04, 2020

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White Male Asian Female

Often used to describe the interracial relationship between the two. WMAF is the most popular interracial coupling in the world. This pairing often triggers insecure Asian males (see other wmaf definitions)
Abby: I see so many WMAF couples nowadays I wonder why that is.
Susan: Yeah I noticed that too, wonder why that is.
Abby: Seems like Asian girls don't like Asian boys.
by AG303TT July 03, 2020

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