when a Black person penetrates a girl with a iron dick molding her body into what ever he wants
You: Bro my girl's body changed so much
Friend: She might of gotten a Blacksmith
by Nigga Central October 4, 2023
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A blacksmith is a general term that is someone who creates objects with iron or steel by using a hammer anvil and a forge. depending on the type of blacksmith there are also different names for them like "farrier" for a example ( this has nothing to do with men getting a lot of black women )
i want to be a "blacksmith" when i am older.
by /.; July 11, 2018
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N. A man who gets the best women, or vice versa. Generally known to have a residue of black steel pigment permanently soaked into the skin, hence the term BLACKsmith. Another trait associated with the Blacksmith is that one arm is often incredibly and disproportionately more muscled than the other.
V. to take out anger on a piece of molten metal involving a hammer and a hard thing
"Once I made her the steel rose using my mad blacksmith skills, it was a done deal."
by Will Buchanan November 1, 2007
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(n.) a profesional player; someone who has so many irons in the fire, aka bitches, that they might as well be a blacksmith.
Lindsay on Thursday, Kate on Friday, Michelle on Saturday? That kid's a blacksmith.
by bennygotback November 16, 2011
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The act of banging on metal and making a metal baby.
When I was blacksmithing last night I banged on a dirty piece of low carbon steel last night. Together we made a candle holder. It was wonderful.
by Metal Babies October 19, 2011
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the act of wrapping your member tin foil during coitus in order to prevent conception. Conceived by Spawn in the twitch.tv show TheStrange.
Dude: I wrap my member in a condom, saran wrap, and engage in blacksmithing to make sure I don't get a girl pregnant.

Bro: That can't feel good.

Dude: Feels great to me! She isn't getting pregnant.
by thisRalf December 21, 2018
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