The act of doing an action over and over again. As if to have O.C.D.
I would like to stab myself in the eye, repeatedly.

by MelAC January 30, 2009
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long, deep, fast, and repeatedly — A skill attributed to a man who is capable of using both a knife and his penis in the exact same way. A warrior in the streets and a master in the sheets; he gets to the battle early and is definitely the last and only one to leave. If you are a woman he may call you back; and, if you are a man he will call the meat wagon and tell them where your body is cooling and to come and pick you up before you start to stink.

This type of character was best captured by Walter Mosley in the person of Raymond “Mouse” Alexander in his Easy Rawlins stories.
Watch out for the men from North Carolina; they will bring a knife to a fist fight and cut you long, deep, fast, and repeatedly. And the women say that they fuck the exact same way. They are bad motherf*ckers.
by Mind Hunter the Profiler March 13, 2023
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A phrase i use when i'm truly pissed and about to snap
"if you don't shutup right now, i will stab you in the face, repeatedly"
by AleisterEPOD October 28, 2008
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OR indebt yourself to the ALREADY successful.
Idiot "You didn't fail repeatedly or indebt yourself to the already successful so you didn't really do ✌️✊️✌️The work✌️✊️✌️"

Hym "Goooooooooooo fuck yourself! Your success is arbitrary and you aren't better than anyone."
by Hym Iam August 5, 2023
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