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1) another way of saying "consider it done" or good to go

2)over; finished; no more
1) "I checked with the agent about our free trip to Cancun, she told me it's a done deal!"

2) "Stephanie said that its now a done deal between her and Rob - after their 15th breakup!"
by westman February 02, 2004
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Verbal phrase of action meaning any process or task will be done by all means necessary Period point blank!
Yes, sir, it's a Done deal no need to worry

Superior: We need a volunteer for overtime

Employee: Done Deal I’ll cover it.
by DoneDeal July 21, 2018
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1) A reference to the closing of a business deal, post-fact.

2) A misnomer in reference to the closure of a business deal. Often accompanied by a handshake and a) sans written contract, or b) with contract containing too many variables. Precedes checks bouncing, "personnel realignment," budget adjustments by the committee, re-proposals.
1) It's a done deal, and it went through last month.

2) It's a done deal, and it'll go through soon.
by Jiggy-Fly December 22, 2003
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