1) another way of saying "consider it done" or good to go

2)over; finished; no more
1) "I checked with the agent about our free trip to Cancun, she told me it's a done deal!"

2) "Stephanie said that its now a done deal between her and Rob - after their 15th breakup!"
by westman February 2, 2004
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When you quit something for one reason or another.
He was done dealing after his second beer.
by Digger September 4, 2005
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Verbal phrase of action meaning any process or task will be done by all means necessary Period point blank!
Yes, sir, it's a Done deal no need to worry

Superior: We need a volunteer for overtime

Employee: Done Deal I’ll cover it.
by DoneDeal July 21, 2018
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1) A reference to the closing of a business deal, post-fact.

2) A misnomer in reference to the closure of a business deal. Often accompanied by a handshake and a) sans written contract, or b) with contract containing too many variables. Precedes checks bouncing, "personnel realignment," budget adjustments by the committee, re-proposals.
1) It's a done deal, and it went through last month.

2) It's a done deal, and it'll go through soon.
by Jiggy-Fly December 22, 2003
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1. done deal. finished. derived from 1986 movie starring paul hogan, "crocodile" dundee.

2.to agree, to make a deal.
1. i was at the car dealership all day and i was really happy when it was crocodile done deal.

he has been passed out in the car for an hour. crocodile done deal.

2. you want to leave? crocodile done deal.
by coco chappelle April 17, 2012
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-Deriving from ancient Queens bridge crew. Often abbreviated as D.D.E.

1) When something has come into its end of existence. Conclusion, and/or achievement.

2) Complete fulfillment.

3) Any form of intoxication

4) A term for exiting.
1) I busted that nut, ate a turkey sandwich and I was done deal entertainment!

2) We threw 40 of haze in the blunt and I was done deal entertainment.

3) The boss was upset when William showed up intoxicated to work and he was forced to fire him, done deal entertainment.
by willybman April 5, 2008
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