A guy or girl facilitating the romance between a couple during a date; The Instigator of Love.
Shonda and Steve were begining to like each other. Shonda's friend Lisa wanted to be the candle holder for their first date.
by Ryyann June 1, 2007
On the 14th of December, we celebrate National Candle Holder day. This day is used to shed light upon those/us who hold the candle for our taken 💍 friends

Definition: the 3rd wheeler/ The “bystander” who is there whilst the couple is doing couple tings.
Eg. you are the candle on the table, in between the couple on their date

“I saw, Palesa was the Candle Holder for Noah and Kristen. It was cute but sad”
by Payless :) December 14, 2022