Lindsay is the best girl you could ask for. She is an amazing friend. She has a heart of gold and deserves every positive thing in this entire world. Lindsay is like a four leaf clover hard to find but once you find it you won't ever want to lose it. She has the best skills ever and makes you want to be her. Lindsay is shy but once you get to know her it's like the best thing that will ever happen to you. She is someone who will for sure make it to the olympics. Lindsay is the type of girl who doesn't care what others think about her or what they do to her but as long as she stays positive nobody will have problems. So the next time you see a Lindsay I would try to become best friends with her because she will be one of those best friends that is like a sister. Lindsay is beyond perfection and is literally the BEST thing that will ever happen to you!!!!!!
Lindsay is amazing!!!!!
by CZbrotato February 17, 2018
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet. Everything about her is perfect even though she doesn't think it. She has beautiful eyes and a great personality and a amazing person to be around. She will always put him before herself and is always there for him if he ever needs it. She's not your typical girl, she's way better than any other girl out there. She always will be there with you doing what you want even if she doesn't want to be and wants you to be happy. If you have this girl in your life you're lucky and you don't want to lose her.
Guy: Lindsay's the best girlfriend you can get.
by Theunknownninja May 27, 2016
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A sweet kind caring artistic person. Usually with brunette or blonde hair, and big green eyes and long eyelashes. Who doesn't mind company, but you have to get to know her first. Who when in school is usually intelligent unless under the influence of someone else's misbehavior. She has a true genuine heart but can tend to be a quite the jokester sometimes. But if mistreated can break down in an instant . A very beautiful girl with her spirits high and wishing for the best who will often find things difficult but with comfort and help with help her.
I would love to meet Lindsay again sometime.
by LRF1223 December 24, 2014
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Lindsay is the most gorgeous girl EVER. She is 100% precious to me. I love her with all that i am and would sacrifice my life for her in half a heart beat. She is beyond the shadow of a doubt the greatest blessing God has ever bestowed upon me, and getting to know her over the past year and a half has been amazing. I look forward to every second that i get to spend with her, and God willing, those seconds will span the rest of my life.
Yesterday was gloomy until Lindsay showed up.

"And then i saw {Lindsay's} face! Now I'm a believer! I couldn't leave her if i tried!"
by -Will_Richardson- January 21, 2014
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Lindsay is a kind sweet caring girl that will make you feel like you won the lottery she is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet and she is very beautiful her personality is one of a kind Lindsay is a dream girl who has it all a nice,sweet and genuine personality,good looks,and an amazing body she is really sweet when you get to know her but if you fuck with her she'll put you in your spot real quick but other than that she's a sweet girl and is worth every second spent getting to know her
Lindsay is going to be happy when she sees me at her job tommorow.
by Zachary Mckay July 2, 2018
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Lindsay is a complicated girl. She's often shy so you don't really notice her. Lindsay could be the girl of your dreams. She likes things that guys like; sports and the same kinds of movies and music. She may seem plain to the untrained eye, but once you get to know her and really look, she is beautiful. Lindsay is a hopeless romantic and wants nothing more than to fall in love. She doesn't have much experiance with guys but she can't help but be picky because she knows there's that once special guy out there for her. She's a great friend. When you know her, she is the funniest person you know, but when you don't, she is extremely reserved. If you make the first move she'll know you're special. Lindsay knows there are other prettier (and/or sluttier) girls out there who you could fall for, but she wishes you'd notice her because once you do, you'll wonder why you ever went without her.
There's that freaky girl, Lindsay
She's not a freak, she's amazing

Lindsay is a total dude, she likes good movies and music

Lindsay...why have I never noticed you before?

I love you, Lindsay
by A lover not a fighter December 5, 2010
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1.a girl who is hotter than the flames of hell

2. the marvelous and mysterious temptress from the land of eternal joy

3. a girl who is smarter than albert einstein but as gorgeous as helen of troy (you know the one whose beauty started the epic war)

4. this girl is in NO way affiliated with Lindsay Lohan. Lohan simply stole this girl's name.
See that smoking hot amazing girl over there? Yep, she's a Lindsay.
by TheAwesomelyAmazingPerson April 15, 2008
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