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A person who displays erratic, unpredictable, socially awkward behavior. You know that guy that gets drunk and makes the whole crowd feel uncomfortable? You have no idea what he's gonna say, but you stick around because you're half curious, half mortified how people will react.

Inspired by Bizarro-superman's Bizarro-world, but spelled differently due to represent that special someone who is always operating in a different dimension.
A "Bizzaro" at the lunch table at his corporate job: "Hey do you know what the Japanese do with erections?"
Persons B,C,D: "..." (uncomfortable silence)
Bizzaro: "They vote, just like us!"
Person B: (looks down at his napkin)
Person C: (fidgets uncomfortably)
Person D: ".....OOH KAY...." (more uncomfortable silence)
by jaymongrel March 18, 2011
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Formal name of the imperfect clone of Superman in various storylines. Evolved into a prefix used when describing any creature made in this process.
Oh, no! Bizarro is wrecking the Daily Planet. No, wait, that is only Bizarro-Supergirl.
by Guy Luthor July 27, 2004
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When someone is the complete opposite of you but the same in some strange way.
To people may look the same, but have nothing and common and hate each other.
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
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When something doesn't make any sense, or you start shouting it for no reason because you're just feeling bizarro
"Yo check out my new decks! I fry eggs on them!"
"Bizzaro! Let me cut off your penis!"
by Megatron August 06, 2003
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