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Stopping a toilet however not to the point of overflowing, just stopping it up and leaving the remains for the next guy.
I used the bathroom at that restaurant and the damn thing wouldn't flush I pulled a Binford.
by Libraryguy June 29, 2009
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n. (Bin-ferd)

A more derogatory way to refer to someone as a tool.

Can also be used as an inside joke nickname for another person.

Origin: From the South Side of Chicago neighborhood Mount Greenwood. The word is derived from the name of the tool company on the TV show "Home Improvement" (Binford Tools)
"Aw man, why'd you invite Chris to the party? He's a total Binford."

"Uh-oh, here comes Binford."
by Dave Losso November 11, 2007
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(n) another name for the male anatomy... deriving from binford tools a.k.a. "home improvement with tim the 'toolman' taylor.
if you dont shut your mouth im gonna smack you in the grill with my binford.
by eggburt moustaffa January 22, 2009
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An unaccountably evil man obsessed with bukkake videos and possessed of a morbid fesr of clowns.
If ya think Binford's gonna bukkake you, just bust out the Bozo nose and he'll run like a little bitch...
by habeas corpse January 10, 2004
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