my favorite.
Can refer to pretty much anything (objects, people, tv, movies etc)
"Do you watch Family Guy?"
"yeah, thats my best"
by J...... May 6, 2006
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A person I am very thankful for. She helps me to get through my day without even saying a word. I love her so much and she deserves the world <3
Kendall is my best friend, she is one of the greatest people I have ever met.
by Iamverysadl0l June 4, 2021
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He is my best friend and will be forever. He makes me feel happy, special and so much more. I don’t want to life with out him anymore and when he’s not here anymore or not my best friend there is no reason left for me to life. He is literally my world and I love him so much more than anything else I can’t describe how much I love him. I was in a very dark hole and he saved me. When I lose him I will lose my world and my self
Moritz ich hab dich so unnormal lieb und du bist my best friend
by Moli2019 November 3, 2020
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A stupid phrase that is used, commonly on Instagram, to give the false reality that you can wake up and choose which "life" you want to live. Perhaps you want to be a lazy dog, or a human facing the challenge of whether to have avocado on toast or a green smoothie for breakfast. Either way, it's got to be the best (breakfast) life you could possibly be living.
Just posted a selfie, #Living My Best Life
by collegestruggles September 17, 2018
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Usually people have specific conditions under which they would like to live, and have specific goals they want to achieve for that to happen. For example, losing weight, getting fit, being debt-free, having a good romantic relationship, being a home owner, being able to travel whenever they want without being tied to a regular job. Any of those would probably be among the list of things that make an "ideal life" for most people. "Living your best life" means living under the conditions you consider to be ideal for you, or that you're at least satisfied with your progress towards meeting said conditions. It does not imply that anyone living their best life is free of stress or any emotional turmoil in their life, since that's a part of everybody's life regardless of the living conditions one is under.
"Once I pay off my mortgage, I'm going to start living my best life."

"I'm living my best life since I became a digital nomad, and now I'm able to live wherever I want."
by Elenya September 8, 2021
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Usually said by girls that just got over a break up and afterwards they start to “Live There Best Life” by having physical contact with a whole lotta penis. Living My Best Life = Big Hoe Phase
“Living My Best Life🤪” - SnapChat Hoe
by 607soundcloudrapguy September 3, 2019
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