That "guy" that jerks always compare themselves with
she: enters the room with a bloody chainsaw
he: I like spanking just as much as the next guy, but this is where i draw the line
she: Dieeeeee!!!
by The Real Rick James April 30, 2006
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The line cook(s) that is obligated to pick up the slack of a previous cook in order to have a successfull shift/not stuggle. Or the opening cook that is obligated pick up a closing shift because the closer called out. You can make someone you don't like "the next guy" by purposely doing somthing (or not doing somthing) that you know they are going to have to do when they clock in for the shift. But, you must yell "NEXT!" when performing the act thats going to screw them or its not official.
Cook 1: "We have just enough fry seasoning for the night."

Cook 2: "Perfect, im not opening tomorrow...NEXT!"

The opener is obligated to make fry seasoning because we can't serve unseasoned fries...making him "the next guy".
by The BLCE September 29, 2011
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To do repairs or maintenance in a way to make it difficult for whoever works on it next. Common among mechanics
New Technician: Ah shit, I stripped the drain plug in this customer's oil pan

Old Technician: Just JB weld the shit out of it. Fuck the next guy
by Kompress0r May 16, 2021
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Having the pinnacle qualities of a white person, or at least whiter than the guy before or after you in line, ANYWHERE.
"yeah... that guy was WHITE -well at least whiter than the next guy was" "just look at those ugly ass crocks he be wearin"
by Iaaaaaan September 11, 2008
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Basically the same sort of thing as a girl next door. He's sweet, charming, and quite cute, although he doesn't seem to know it.

Guys next door don't really dig the whole taking advantage of a girl thing, and although able to be one of the lads, they can be great mates with girls as well.
They dress casually, and although they don't try to stand out in the crowd or be the centre of attention, they still shine.
Guy's next door usually have one of those laughs or smiles that is able to make you feel instantly happier.

As part of a relationship, guys next door are typically the kind who seem quite casual about dating- they don't try it on fast. But, as with a girl next door, the guy isn't seen as being that involved in a relationship... but anyone who's been in one with a guy next door will know that they're dark horses, and alot more fun and pasionate than you first thought.

So if you find a guy next door (and you happen to be a girl next door)... this one's a keeper.

Bring him home to the parents no problem!

Seth, from the O.C is a bit of a guy next door....although he's got a bit of a nerd thing going on

(despite that......mmmmmmmm!!!)
by Sarah Bee January 5, 2006
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A guy known for his kind, sensitive, caring personality rather than his good looks and charm. Usually a bit of a geek or nerd, the guy next door is the guy who is a really good friend to girls, but who never gets a romantic relationship with said "girl friends". Usually is very shy and reserved.
1. He's kind of the guy next door; he's a great friend, but I just can't picture something happening with us.

2. Me.
by Disco Stu December 9, 2004
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Is most likely gay and his parents dont love him.

you are most likely in school and are sitting to either a close freind that your messing with and or sombody you absolutly hate.
I hate The guy next to me
by wee woo October 29, 2021
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