An ABC sitcom airing from 1991-1999 and one of the most cleverly written sitcoms of the decade. Comedian Tim Allen starred as Tim Taylor, a chauvinist, handyman husband and father of three mischeivous sons who hosted a Detroit cable tool show called Tool Time, and just could help himself to giving "more power" to machinery. Much of the show also focused on the of the rest of the Taylor family: Tim’s wife Jill is a feminist and aspiring psychologist, the loner and very astute neighbor Wilson Wilson always provides advice for Tim, and Tim’s sons are mischeivious but good kids. Tim is very masculine and chauvinist (he even gets disgusted at just the thought of going to the opera), a handyman, clumsy, loved to make jokes about Al’s flannel shirts and overweight mother, always rewiring gadgets, was always competing with his next door neighbor Doc Johnson for the neighborhood’s best Christmas lights, seeking advice from his other neighbor Wilson Wilson (Wilson Wilson is not a typo)

Spoofs from the show:

1. Tim’s frequent jokes about Al’s flannel shirst and overweight mom.
2. always seeking advice from his next door neighbor Wilson Wilson, only to screw it up
3. Wilson’s face is always hidden
4. always rewiring things to give it “more power”…only to have it explode
5. his wife Jill can’t cook
6. Tim has an obsession with Sears
7. always competes with Doc Johnson, a 80-year old retired proctologist, for the neighborhood’s best Christmas lights
8. Tim is so clumsy that he dropped a steel beam on his wife’s car, fell though a portapotty, glued his head to a table, had a hammer frozen to his tongue, fell through the roof on a project house, blew up a friend’s house and blew up the dishwasher
9. always building a hot rod in the garage
10. frequently grunts when exited or perplexed
11. Bob Villa is his biggest competition
12. Tim often hits his head on a basement pipe above the stairs
13. frequently made jokes about his mother-in-law “Nanna’s” weight but stopped when he saw how thin she had become
14. Always wants Tool Time to take a commercial break when he gets injured
15. Tim frequently gets sick eating Polish food from "Stan’s" Polish restaurant in Hamtramk
16. Tim is well-known at the emergency room, even to the point of having his own cup labeled “Tim”
17. Tim often wears sweatshirts from a Michigan college.
18. Tim's three sons' are always bullied by Vinny McGern
Home Improvement was probably the best scripted show from the 1990s and won numerous Emmys.
by January 25, 2008
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One of the best, most enjoyable TV shows in history.
Home Improvement rocks.
by Meijer's! December 5, 2005
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One of the funniest and most clever 1990s sitcoms airing on ABC. The show centered around the stand up acts of comedian, Tim Allen. His character, Tim Taylor hosts a Detroit cable tool show called Tool Time. He is very masculine and interested in all aspects of the male mind: he is always building a hotrod in the garage, is sexist, HATES the opera, grunts, loves tools, loves sports and loves building things. He is however blessed with ineptitude. His ineptitude includes anything from glueing his head to a table to falling through a roof or a portapotty to dropping a two-ton beam on his wife's car. Home Improvement had a cleverly-written script and writers. It won a number of Emmys.
Home Improvment was a great show. Gags from the show:
1. the neighbor, Wilson's face NEVER being seen
2. everybody screws up Wilson's advice.
3. Tim's wife Jill cant cook.
4. Tim is always building a hotrod in the garage.
5. Tim's cohost, Al has an obsession with flannel.
6. Tim is always making fun of Al, his mother-in-law and basically anything he doesnt understand
7. Wilson's amazing knowledge of culture and history.
by October 1, 2007
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The epitome of ass-kissery. As soon as you walk into a Lowe's, your ass saturated with the spit of every employee that crosses your path; but it is not their fault, because it is what they have been constantly told to do every day. Lowe's is built upon the model of "excellent, excruciatingly-paranoid, money-pinching, annoying, ass-kissing, customer-focus". The best thing to do when you see a "red vest" is to cut a corner and run. These people are already stressed enough with the dumbass questions that get flung at them every day so one more question is just one more reason for them to eat a bullet.
Customer walks in Lowe's:


Customer: Holy fucking ass crackers! Can I not look at the fucking power tools without being bombarded by damn service? Fuck this I'm going to Home Depot where people leave me the hell alone!
by yourmomlovesmyjohnson09 December 11, 2010
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This is an illness that is characterized by individuals, typically middle aged males, that are caught up in a never-ending cycle of handy man projects, many of which are not completed before the next one begins.
Ben was told he was no longer allowed to go to Home Depot after he was diagnosed with Home Improvement Syndrome by his wife. She said it was a HIS problem.
by Papa on Whidbey December 30, 2011
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The excuse your "friend" uses to avoid coming over to your house for a meal on Easter Sunday.'s home improvement Sunday... It's a thing...I promise I didn't just make it up.
by Suburban Pictionary March 28, 2016
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