Greedy egotistical schmuck, who apparently wrote all his own definitions for this website, puffing his own hat for "philanthropy" and some kind of "brilliance". When, in actuality, he is the author of nothing, the thief of DOS, plagiarist of everything else, and the first scam artist to rip off IBM on a "per-code-line" rate (which is why his software is so fat). Worse, whenever a postal employee or a Columbine freak goes off on a mass-slaughter raid, you should suspect Bill Gates, because his software is so lame, so defective, so ugly/insensitively fonted, violates privacy, and so crash-prone, it is the greatest source of human rage on this planet at any given moment. Philanthropy? This guy insists on imprisoning teachers for unlicensed installations in tenement schools worldwide, and Microsoft is the ONLY software company that refuses to give software to ANY non-profit organization. Generous? No way. Now, on a personal note, I went to a conference on standards back in the late 80s, and had the misfortune of sitting next to this freak. He smelled obscene. Both of us, on either side of him, were gagging for 2 hours. Discovered later (testimony from one of his early girlfriends) that the guy had such bad hygiene, he actually turned his underwear inside out, to extend their "use". Bill Gates is the reason LINUX was invented -to escape lousy MS-software!
The guy next door never bathes, smells like a sewer, never tips my daughter when she serves him in the restaurant, and he stole all the cook's recipes for his own rat-infested restaurant. He is a real Bill Gates.
by DanaSaur March 05, 2007
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One of the only people in the world who can rip off someones idea and make MORE money, then continue copying them for years and years.
That n00b stole my idea! He's the next Bill Gates!
by Max Rose October 04, 2008
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Shameless rich bastard who stole or copied everything Microsoft has ever produced. From MS-DOS to Windows Vista and all Office products, ideas have been either stolen (in the case of MS-DOS) or copied. MS-DOS was stolen from the person who created it. Windows is a copy of Apples original idea of a graphical interface. Word is a copy of the original idea of Word Perfect. Excel is a copy of the original idea of Lotus. The list is endless. His only original idea was to bundle all of these programs together so that no other programs would work on his systems allowing him to crush and dominate the PC market. He also succeeded in making his systems so tedious and bloated with useless code that the systems have a propensity to crash, hang-up, quit working or display an error screen.
All of you people who deify this man are grossly misled by Gates and his army of minions. He is a rich liberal asshole who supports socialism for all but him and his "select" buddies who will dictate policy for what is "good" for the every day guy and gal. Ever wonder why PC's and laptops are so expensive. Ask Bill Gates. The one and only reason is because his company is the biggest monopoly ever conceived by man in the history of the universe. I really get a kick out of you people drooling over his philanthropy. As if that makes up for his stealing, forging and grotesque crookery. Oh Bill Gates is so cool and so great, he gives money to cool little socialist organizations. He is the greatest ever! Get a life a**holes and get a grip on reality. He is no better than a crackhead doing a B&E.
I am going to pull a Bill Gates and steal someones idea and go on to stifle all competition and extract obscene amounts of money from my army of mind-numbed minions!
by Clivefan December 15, 2007
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One of the founders of Microsoft and formerly the world's richest man (passed by the founder of Ikea). People like to blame him for everything, because he's rich and part of human nature is blaming rich people for all your problems.
Car won't start?

Got fired from work?

Your candidate got owned in the election?

Blame Bill Gates!! Everyone's doing it, it's the new national pastime.
by C++ August 16, 2005
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somebody able to take one idea that a monkey could have thought of and ride it to riches by convincing those dumber than them that he/she is the greatest genius since einstein-
a one hit wonder that never goes away
how did j-lo bill gate us into thinkin she can sing...4+ albums of crap sombody stop her
-cant be mad cuz ricky martin is the puerto rican bill gates
by eric charway August 24, 2005
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An asshole that copied apple computers and got rich off it, He makes shitty software that crashes every half hour, it gets infected with spyware and viruses and is "dll hell". He still copies apple till this day. Vista took him 5 years to make because every year apple made something new and he had to find out a way to put it into vista... If u don't believe me, go to youtube and type in 'apple vs vista' or 'apple adds'
Oh crap my windows has crashed again.. Get a mac!

What do air con's and computers have in common? They both stop working when you open windows.

Lets Throw an apple pie at Bill Gates.
by Tony Kennedy August 20, 2007
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