The greatest con artist, thief, and criminal who ever lived. In the total 30+ years that his company, Microsoft, was in existence, they have yet to produce one halfway decent product. Everything they make is a rip off of another companies product (Windows = Mac OS, Xbox = PlayStation, Zune = iPod, etc).
A message Bill Gates always sees when creating a new version of Windows "Are you sure you want to change all words beginning with "Mac OS" located on the volume Mac OS X Install DVD.dmg to "Windows?"
by Justingraziano July 28, 2008
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An asshole that copied apple computers and got rich off it, He makes shitty software that crashes every half hour, it gets infected with spyware and viruses and is "dll hell". He still copies apple till this day. Vista took him 5 years to make because every year apple made something new and he had to find out a way to put it into vista... If u don't believe me, go to youtube and type in 'apple vs vista' or 'apple adds'
Oh crap my windows has crashed again.. Get a mac!

What do air con's and computers have in common? They both stop working when you open windows.

Lets Throw an apple pie at Bill Gates.
by Tony Kennedy August 20, 2007
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One of the only people in the world who can rip off someones idea and make MORE money, then continue copying them for years and years.
That n00b stole my idea! He's the next Bill Gates!
by Max Rose October 04, 2008
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The man everyone is jelous of because he makes more money then they do....

creator of windows

owner of microsoft
yea...you're jealous of bill gates...so just shut the hell up
by Mr. Game February 20, 2007
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Evil overlord nazi who's company produces subpar video gaming systems.
Bill Gates, what a nazi.
by Leon419 March 11, 2005
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A really smart guy, one of the founders of Microsoft. we should thank him for Windows and almost everything that starts Microsoft, like Exel, Word and stuff, great programes filled with all sorts of usefull stuff we don't use because we don't know how. Also, he's very reach and donates huge (huge like in "to big to even dream about") amounts to charity. Is hated because windows has errors and he has money.
Bill Gates started Microsoft. From Microsoft comes Windows and Microsoft Games. Bill Gates is good.
by Jc June 16, 2006
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Someone who appropriates the work of others to achieve fame and fortune, claiming that it was their idea all along, and often making simple changes in its appearance to make it appear to a be a new idea.

Origin: Trey didn't write DOS, Tim did, but after buying the Quick'n'Dirty DOS dirt cheap, Trey then seat-licenced it to IBM for their nifty new "personal" computer for 30 bucks a pop. Millions of dollars later, he could afford to beg, buy borrow or steal most of the other nifty original ideas thought up by truly innovative minds during the 1980s and 1990s. The millions became billions and the rest became history as you know it.
Eventually the will be reduced to just ' gates', so 'doing a gates' and 'gating someone'.
"Hey, that luca dude is a bit of a Bill Gates."
by The Hupester April 28, 2015
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