A Latin term, loosely meaning "of the fact". An adjective describing something that exists or happens as a result of tradition or culture. Not normally used as an urban slang term, but as a historical/legal phase
Even after slavery was outlawed by the govrnment, de fato discrimination still existed in many areas.
by D.V.A. October 15, 2003
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Not acknowledged as official, but real all the same.
There are de facto countries around the world, such as Transnistria, Northern Cyprus, and Somaliland, which the world community refuses to recognize as real countries, despite having their own governments, flags, military, and so forth.

Ashley and Tim are in a de facto relationship. Even though they claim to be single, they're always together and have been for over a year. Duh...
by BGMan July 19, 2008
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(adj.) Exerting strength without official obligation.
English is the de facto language of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but gaelic languages are used in many parts. This is so those "not frum rownd ere are ya?" don't know when people are going to rape a sheep. See welsh or wales
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 11, 2004
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gentleman 1: yo baby momma gots a fine ass boo-tay
gentleman 2: de facto, nigga
gentleman 1: word, fo sho
by StabMaster Arson October 15, 2003
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The word "defacto" with a space in it.
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
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Someone who acts as the leader of the group, without having any votes to assign them to that position. They are the ones who keep the group together and makes all the difficult decisions.
James: So who is the leader of the Mystery Club?
Calvin: While nobody put it up for vote, David is the one who acts as the de facto leader of the group.
by Daviddv0601 October 6, 2017
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a person who is too poor or lazy to cook anything other than rice or pasta
PETA rep: You should become vegan, hurting animals is bad.
De facto vegetarian: I'm too broke and lazy to cook meat, all I eat is pasta.
by aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanonymous January 25, 2011
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