A computer term which is the mainboard of a computer system. The cpu, ram, hdd, video card, etc connect to it
what type of motherboard do u have?
I have a KT333 motherboard
by <(( ^_^ ))> August 1, 2003
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The main commanding spaceship of the Zipconians.

see Zipcon
The motherboard will next be visiting Earth on #$%$#%$#%#%#.
The actual dates and times are CLASSIFIED!!!!!
by Zipconian Kane May 8, 2004
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The application of excessive motherly attention, force or paternalism.
I need a divorce. Can't take the constant motherboarding anymore.
by glowbuff January 25, 2011
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Mo•ther•board ; A giant green square with a bunch a processers, RAM plus gizmos to power your computer.
When I got a BSoD, (Blue Screen of Death) my motherboard was fried
by Swarts Dè Bangâr March 25, 2017
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The motherboard is the backbone of the computer providing an interface between hardware and the operating system. A Lord Motherboard, named after Lord LeRoy Young has the highest computational power and memory
A Lord Motherboard is the pinnacle configuration
by LordofGrange January 2, 2023
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"Yeah, I went over there to set up her printer, and I ended up having to install a chick's motherboard!!!"
by will (credit to andy) June 12, 2007
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