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An amazing place up in North Jersey. It is a large tunnel network that supposedly ends at the gates of hell. It has been featured in Weird NJ, best local magazine. Also known for the intermingling of cultists and bored suburbian youth that frequent the tunnels. (PS Ignore Warning Signs, you can all swim I hope)
Yo, frank got stabbed in the Gates of Hell.

I was at the gates of Hell last weekend
by Sevas Tra arT saveS October 08, 2005
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The Gates of Hell is male chastity devise.

It is 3-7 rings from 2" diameter, down to 1" diameter.
The steel rings are connected by a 1/2" leather strap
It limits an erect penis to a confined space, making it extremely difficult to ejaculate.
The Gates of Hell is male chastity devise.

Bob wore the "Gates of Hell" to pleasure his woman.
by stargeneral61 May 01, 2010
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A complex system of tunnels, said to lead to hell, that smell like shit. Most likely the capital of Satanic circle jerking in New Jersey. Not scary at all due to the hordes of Emo-Mexicans roasting marshmallows outside the entrance, while telling us theres nothing in there but spiders they took pictures of on their cell phones. Not worth the trip, unless your scared easily or by KKK graffiti.
Adam and Kevin were seriously disappointed when they smelled marshmallows cooking as they approached the gates of hell.
by steve8311 November 22, 2007
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