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n. Not your typical nerd. An intellectual who reads for pleasure, and knows upwards of four languages. However, sexnerds are deceptively goodlooking, and posses hidden sex appeal. Look for high cheekbones and captivating eyes. Sexnerds are literary, but never pretentious. Usually comes with sexnerd glasses. Maybe even a British accent.
That sexnerd was hot with his psychology book and framed glasses.
by Rey March 9, 2005
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A term used for somlians aka somalis, founded in world war 2. Used now in ottawa.
Ned:"Sir i have located 10 skinnys near the base"
Shooter:"Blow them skinnys
by Rey March 21, 2005
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A spanish word used when kids pleed not to get hit/slaped/ aka scrwed over, used now a days by every teen.
Rey: "Madre por favor i said i was sorry i didnt know bunnys couldnt fly cuz of its ears."
Mom: "Alitece for my belt."
by Rey March 21, 2005
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Lower Town aka LT used to describe the most ghetto in ottawa were they breed somalians, full with crak heads and hobos, dont forget the rats(allah).
Rey: "I live in LT"
Fred: "So your a somalian then"
Rey: "No....they live with me though"
by Rey March 21, 2005
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Money over Bitches (2pac), but originally Member of bloods (from the gangs of los angeles)
1- Its M.O.B. cuz i got to keep my mind on my riches

2- M.O.B. for life
by Rey June 27, 2004
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A jolt sensation caused by involuntary contractions of the muscles centered at the genitals that consume your entire body after holding pee for an extreme duration of time and then finally releasing it.
Just got back from the restroom and I have to say that that pee orgasm so caught me off guard that I found myself nearly banging my head into the wall in a relaxed state of complete gratification.
by Rey December 9, 2003
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acronym for Hell Fucking Yea can be used many ways. make them up.
free WoW subscription? HFY
by Rey March 10, 2005
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