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Marty for prez!!! Vote for Marty!
by smilz August 16, 2007
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Short for president. Particularly used toward the president who doesn't deserve respect because of the policy he conducts.
Our apefaced prez sucks shit in Iraq
by shakhan November 23, 2005
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I gave a prez on HTML5 at work last Wednesday.
by el_joni February 7, 2011
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to make a video of yourself jacking off
the fat ginger erik made a prez.
by presby November 13, 2007
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Prez is usually a short adorable girl, that will make any room burst out laughing she would do anything for her friends she is usually a little sassy but still have sweet spots if you get to know her
by Firtsfor March 2, 2018
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Pretty, very sweet everyone wants to be her or date her, often funny with lovely friends. Either medium or short in height
I wish I dated prez. You better find a prez.
by Firtsfor May 13, 2017
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