When you deficate on one's self and not realize it
Man I got so influenced by what the Pope said I bidened my pants
by Ucfjordan November 3, 2021
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The act of winning at any cost, including the use illegal, immoral and unethical means.
Hey Don, there’s nothing you can do anymore, your opponent bidened you.
by La Metralleta December 15, 2020
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This is when you our your team is winning or leading a game, only to have the other team come back and win using illegal tactics.
Damn, we we up 15 Points at the half, only to have some guy the power go out and the scoreboard changed. We totally got Bidened!
by Thorzilla November 7, 2020
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(V) - to soil ones self in public. Usually followed by the phrases ‘Come one man!’, ‘Cornpop was a bad dude’ or ‘You ain’t black’.

(Adj) Piss Poor quality. Something rationally incomprehensible in its lack of intrinsic value.
(V) ‘Dude, he bidened himself at homecoming

(Adj) That ‘68 Camaro is so bidened that Christ himself couldn’t make sense of it’
by Jaymz Kilmister April 24, 2021
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When you fall victim to Biden’s molestation
Brad: “yo go I got bidened when I went to DC

Chad “Bruh he got to you too🥺”
by supersucker3000 December 4, 2020
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When you get something you don't want because the alternative is worse
I got Bidened with a bowl of crap so I didn't get stuck with two bowls of crap.
by Arikaen December 2, 2020
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When you wake up feeling stupid, slow, senile and like you just fell UP a flight of stairs. Usually induced by eating too many edibles.

By DrewVinci in Carson City
I think I got Bidened last night...
by RealDrewVinci May 12, 2021
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