9 definitions by Jaymz Kilmister

To re-word a document so that it remains the same but looks entirely different.

Usually the reverbagised document is submitted to the same person(s) as the original.
‘Can you reverbagise the proposal? Corporate has been up my ass lately.’
by Jaymz Kilmister July 15, 2021
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An epidemiologist, scientist or healthcare worker helping to fight the COVID-19 virus.
Bruh, did you see Dr. Fauci today? He’s a fear mongering covidologist.

Sally’s not a nurse, she’s a covidologist.
by Jaymz Kilmister March 31, 2020
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(V) - to soil ones self in public. Usually followed by the phrases ‘Come one man!’, ‘Cornpop was a bad dude’ or ‘You ain’t black’.

(Adj) Piss Poor quality. Something rationally incomprehensible in its lack of intrinsic value.
(V) ‘Dude, he bidened himself at homecoming

(Adj) That ‘68 Camaro is so bidened that Christ himself couldn’t make sense of it’
by Jaymz Kilmister April 23, 2021
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Taking a trip with a beautiful woman to a tropical island and not getting laid.
Looks like the trip turned into a tropical depression.
by Jaymz Kilmister August 09, 2021
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(N) - Where women are sent after being filled with ejaculate, thus driving them crazy.
I sent Karen and her bulldagger girlfriend to the spermatarium after the bar.

Jill spent the weekend at the spermatarium.
by Jaymz Kilmister August 07, 2021
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)N) - where you send a bitch after you dump a missive load onto or into her or one of her girlfriends rendering said bitch temporarily insane.
I sent that Karen to the spermatarium.

Julie and her girlfriend had a visit to the sprrmatarium Friday night after the club.
by Jaymz Kilmister August 06, 2021
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(N) A place any man worth his scrotum will take a date. Usually a woman kneels on the ground naked with her mouth open like a baby bird. The moment a dude busts a nut all over her face and tits she’s visiting splatterville.
‘Welcome to splattervile dirty bird..’

‘Dude, I took your wife to to hair salon. On the way back we stopped in splatterville.’

Julie and her friends got a weekend pass to splatterville.

‘Baby, can we go to splatterville again tonight? I’m hungry.’
by Jaymz Kilmister May 31, 2021
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